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Pet Sitting

10$ per hour- Don’t feel guilty about leaving your pet alone.  My Pet Sitting service gives your pet maximum care, even when you can’t be there.  This is one of my most popular services and fills up fast.  Get in touch to book a session today.


$10 per visit (depending on distance)- For pets, plants, or human loved ones :).  If you need someone to stop by and feed the cat, let out the dog, change litter, or just make sure nothing has burned down in your absence, this is perfect for you.


Over the summer, driving your kids to camp or loved ones to appointments can be hectic.  I'm here to help. Price will vary depending on distance and length of drive. 

Dog Walking

$10 per walk (depending on distance)

Baby Sitting

$15 per hour


$15 per hour

Novice Piano Lessons

$15 per hour- I offer lessons on piano ranging from basic classical theory to practice aimed at performing with a band. This service is geared towards those just starting out piano and/or to be a summertime bridge to a formal piano teacher.


Aside from the specifically listed services, I am open to any other odd jobs you think you might need!  For example, I have worked as an aid for injured clients where I run errands and help around the house as well as office/filing work, organizing home businesses, basically any/all girl Friday jobs you might have.  Please contact me to see if I'd be a good fit.

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